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Provence Three Pack

Provence Three Pack Fuchsia Lily

Provence Three Pack

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This collection includes three separate masks. Each mask is washable, reusable, 100% cotton masks are made of double-layered cotton with fine, detailed stitching. Elastic straps to secure behind your ears. These masks are the perfect item to keep in your car for the whole family to use during cold and flu season, cleaning dusty rooms, or airplane travel.

REGULAR (one size fits most)

  • 4.75″ Height x 8/14″ nose x 7 1/8 chin
  • It works well for tweens to adults. (I'm a 5'7" woman and it fits me perfectly). Can work for younger children ages 7 and up, if you add a ribbon or string through the loops to tie.


  • 4 Pleats on each side of the mask for ultimate fit and comfort.
  • Nose pleat for extra room.
  • A pocket opening to add a filter.
  • Filter not included. 


  • Includes 3 mask 
  • 100% Woven cotton outer & inner + comfortable elastic trim, machine washable. 
  • Pocket opening to add a filter. 
  • Filter options can include additional fabric layers (felt, flannel, cotton) PM2.5 filters, disposable HEPA filters, coffee filters, and vacuum filters are all quite effective). 
  • Please remember to change the filters between each use. 
  • Filter not included. 


  1. Wash the mask in warm or hot water before using it for the first time. 
  2. It is recommended to wash the mask after every use.  
  3. The fabric for our masks has been pre-washed to maintain shape and size. However, it is 100% cotton and may still shrink if dried in the dryer. We recommend tumbling dry on low or line dry for best results.  


  • This mask was developed in partnership with physician consultant Dr. Jordan Lee Tate, MD, MPH, to serve as a protective cover for N95 masks. As a 2-ply pocketed fabric mask, it functions as a physical barrier and, when paired with a filtered insert, offers enhanced protection. 
  • Before using on children, please consult your healthcare professional for best practices. This is not a substitute for N95 or surgical masks and is NOT FDA approved. 
  • Our masks, if used correctly, will help contribute to lessening person-to-person droplet transmission.  
  • Products from this collection are manufactured in both the USA and Mexico. 
  • This is a personal use item and thus cannot be returned. 
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Provence Three Pack is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023
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